Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 2011

So, this week has not had its abundance of blessings but I guess not every week is full of daisy's!  I have been sick all week.  I started feeling bad last week but just let it go thinking it was just all this winter stuff going around.  I had too much at work to do to let this sickness get me down.  Well, this week, on Monday I was feeling horrible.  By Monday night, I couldn't be in denial anymore and called into work to tell them I would not be there on Tuesday and was going to the doctor.  So, I went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon and I have a sinus/bronchial infection with an ear infection.  The doctor told me to stay home Wednesday and Thursday!  WHAT?!  I don't have time for that!!  Well, by that night, I felt worse!  Then, on Wednesday, I felt HORRIBLE!!   I was for sure it was the flu by now.  One of my co-workers and one little girl in my class has the flu.  Just what I needed.  So, I am staying home the rest of the week.  My co-workers and boss are being AWESOME though all this.  So, I guess the blessing of the week is God showing me that I don't have to do it ALL; I can rely on others to help me.   WOW!  I guess God does hit you upside the head sometimes!  LOL.  Well, I just hope that I am feeling better by Saturday cause I am baking Haley's 5th birthday cake!  Can't believe that girl is 5!  She wants a Cinderella cake this year!  1st birthday was Princess, 2nd was Elmo, 3rd was Minnie Mouse, 4th was Sleeping Beauty and now 5th is Cinderella!  Can you tell she is a girly girl?!  So, there is this week; thought it was all yuck and gross, but turned out there was a great blessing in it all along!